Raining day [T]

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Raining day [T]

Post by SalyaDarken »

A/N: Goten looks like Goku still in this.

Goten x Reader - Raining day

It has been 2 years since he asked [y/n] out and only 1 and ½ years since you and him got an appeared together. These years were the best years that she had since life sucked before he came into it.

You see, [Y/n] is a normal human yet she had some ki, more then a normal human would have. She wasn't a fighter, but didn't mind watching. The one thing she was good at, was healing. And she didn't know how she learned how but she could do it.

She lived with her parents for most of her life until Buu happened. Her mother was killed and her father started working more. Leaving the young girl alone to herself. She learned to do most of everything for herself. Sadly even at school, she was alone.

Until the half saiyan fell onto the young girl. Really, he fell. Goten and Trunks were training above the city. Well she just happened to be walking home when Trunks knocked his best friend out of the sky, onto the girl.

"Ow, darn it Trunks." He groaned lightly before blinked a lot. He jumped up and turned to look down what he landed on. He blushed softly. "Hey, are you okay?"

She slowly sat up, rubbing her head. Her [f/c/l] hair moved slightly as a few locks fell into her [f/c] eyes. "I'm fine..." She said softly as she looked up at him.

Trunks was laughing his ass off until his cell when off and it was his mother.


[y/n] let out a soft yawn as she sat up and stacked* her arms out. She then rubbed her eyes softly until she hear dripping sounds. She looked out the window and widen her eyes. 'It's raining!' She yelled in her head. Raining days meant she got Goten to herself. Plus she loved the sound of rain, but having her boyfriend to herself, she loved more.

She turned to the sleeping half saiyan. His wild dark hair was even more wild and he was drooling which she thought was the cutest thing. She didn't know why but she thought he was the cutest saiyan on earth and she only meet his family.

She leaned down and kissed his forehead, making him mutter something. She giggled softly then got out of the bed. She took a fast shower then got dressed in a [f/c] shirt and jeans. She brushed her hair and teeth before going down to the kitchen to start cooking.

After a good while, she had cooked food for an army and she was happy when her boyfriend wondered down with a yawn. "Morning Goten."

He looked over and widen his eyes at the food then smiled brightly. "Morning dear. Is food all done?" He walked over to her and kissed her softly.

"Yep. So eat so we can get cuddling today." She said with a hum.

He grinned, nodded. He didn't need to be told twice to start eating. And she was used to how he ate. Thou she had to get Rain to help her at first but now she was used to.


[Y/n] had almost the bedroom into the living room. She put a lot of covers on the floor with all of the pillows. She even got the pillows and covers from the guest room. And once she was done, she got into it, getting all good.

Goten was watching her before joining her onto the soft mess. He didn't mind days like this and he was told that he needed to rest. And with her, he found that he wanted to rest a lot more then normal. "So what are we watching?" He asked as he leaned against a pillow.

She hummed softly then smiled softly. "How about that long fighting movie you love?"

He blinked a few times. "But you didn't like it."

"I know but I want to watch it with you today. Plus after it, we can watch one of my favorite movies, deal?"

"Deal." He kissed her gently, making her blushing softly.


After a good 10 hours of movies, [y/n] was sleep and the sun was down. Yet it was still raining it's ass off. Goten was watching her sleep with a soft smile. She may think he was the cutest one, he thought she was the prettiest one and he loved her. He loved her laugh, giggle, smile and everything thing about her. He couldn't think of life without her.

"I so love raining days and you." He whispered into her ear which she hummed lightly. He warped his arms around her and pulled her close before going to sleep himself. He was being to lazy to shut off the tv, but he knew it would shut off itself.


A/n: just so you know, Mirai is Trunks's mother and yes he is scared of her. And Rain is with Gohan if you didn't know.
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