Raining Day ○ Takao [PG]

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Raining Day ○ Takao [PG]

Post by SalyaDarken »

Title: Raining Day
Warning: Fluffy, bad spelling, OOC
Rate: PG
Couples: Takao x OC
Disclaimer: I don't claim Beyblade nor Takao. I don't even own Aya. xD
Comment from writer: Late as hell b-day gift for Amia. Oh well. It's something.
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It was a raining day and boring. The sun was hidden away by the clouds. He wanted to train yet the rain kept it from happening.

He sat outside in the backyard, just glaring out at the darkening clouds. He wore his normal outfit as he planned on training. However his hat was messing.

“You know, Takao, the clouds wouldn't leave just by glaring at them.”

He looked over and sent her a soft smile. “Aya, I can try.”

Aya giggled softly as she walked over and sat beside him. She wore a simple light blue sundress since it was summer time yet had on a light jacket from the cold wind that came with the rain. “Try all you want, it won't happen.”

Takao reached over and pulled her into his arms. “Maybe so.” He said with a soft pout. He leaned his chin against her left shoulder.

She giggled softly again which he really loved. “I'm sorry about your training.” She said softly.

“It's fine… maybe the gods don't want me to train.”

“Or it's just a raining day.”

He sighed softly. “Or both, Aya.”

She thought a bit then turned around a bit, making him move and blink. She then leaned up and kissed him gently.

He blushed a deep red and kissed back.

She broke the kiss and smiled. “Wanna go watch a movie and cuddle?”

He blushed and grinned. “Sure.”

She got off his lap and got up with him getting up as well, then went inside. “What would you like to watch?”

He thought a bit as he followed her. “Doesn't matter. I just wanna cuddle.”

She giggled softly with a deep red.
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