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RP Events

Post by SalyaDarken »

Events are special Role-plays ran by Roleplay Staff in different 'plants'; there are two very different kinds of events with different rules, expectations, and activity levels for players. These types and expectations are laid out below:
Casual Events
These events are the best way to dip your toes into the RP Zone. If you've ever been curious about joining us here, a Casual Event is the perfect way to try it out!

Casual Events are easy-going and fun, with simple requirements.
  1. Duration:
    >Casual Events can vary in length, which will be determined in the sign up thread. These lengths can be anywhere from a weekend burst to a month-long endeavor. There are also special RTRPs* that only take a couple of hours.
  2. General Rules:
    >Although Casual Events are meant to be care-free playgrounds, there are still a few things you should try to keep in mind whilst participating:
    >Follow the General Rules of the RP Zones
    These rules are the go-to rules that every roleplayer should know. Despite its more casual approach, these events still use the same rules as all other RPs.
    >Be mindful of other players!
    Casual Events are often big and full of many different players, which is always fun and part of the charm! However, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to play. We don't want anyone to get left behind! It's great to be enthusiastic towards the event, but if you notice that you are posting very often and very quickly, try to take a break and give the other players a chance to catch up to you! It's no fun to play alone, after all.
    >Read all posts!
    Make sure to read all of the previous posts before you make your next one! This ensures that you don't miss out on something vital, and can help to keep your character from missing out on some fun interactions or appearing rude by accidentally ignoring others!
    >Keep an eye out for event goals!
    The event host will often post a goal for everyone to reach for throughout a certain period of time. This is normally depicted in a quote box to make it stand out a little more! These are generally guidelines to try and help move the plot along, but they are not mandatory to complete.
    >Try to remain active!
    Keeping a regular posting regimen helps keep the flow of the event going strong! And your character plays a vital part! Of course, things can come up and hinder you from posting, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's no penalty for dropping out, and you can join back in when you have time. If possible, please let the event host know, or post in the OOC thread for the event!
  3. Requirements
    >Character Profile - Participants are required to have their character's profile submitted in their Character theard, then link to that post must be posted in the OOC thread. Once it is approved for that RP, then on the Profile post, list what RPs that one character is in.
    >No word limit.
Examples of Past Casual Events: none right now.

Hardcore Events
Hardcore events are a sampling of all the Roleplaying Section has to offer: dungeon crawler game elements and a one-month time limit to complete the story or get a bad ending.
  1. Duration:
    >One month exactly, unless a problem arises with the host, in which case the event will be extended for the number of days the host was absent.
    >If the storyline is not resolved within a month's time, then GameOver.
  2. General Rules:
    >All roleplay rules and TOZ rules apply.
    >Activity Rule: Participants are required to post within 24-48 hours or will be removed from the event (their characters will either be lost or replaced).
    >>Random Events may be introduced into the story if all players are active within the OOC chat or on the boards; Random Events are storyline plot events in which players will have a limited time to respond before consequences are enacted; each will come with a caveat in that if you cannot respond within the given time-frame, you may request another player's character take your character with them (if movement is required).
    >Consistency Rule: All players are held to the understanding that they will pay attention to the story flow, taking note of roleplay elements (situational - who's talking to who, where people are located, etc) and event elements (their HP, MP, the placement of others on the map, etc.). If a player derails the event with inconsistencies, consequences will occur.
  3. Requirements:
    > Character Profile - Participants are required to have their character's profile submitted in their Character theard, then link to that post must be posted in the OOC thread. Once it is approved for that RP, then on the Profile post, list what RPs that one character is in.
    >Word Requirement - Hardcore Events require minimum 50-word posts.
  4. Additional Elements:
    >Dungeon Crawler - some Hardcore Events will have dungeon-crawler game elements to them, wherein players will need to distribute attribute points to reflect their characters strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities, and will need to prescribe MP requirements to attacks. During these events, they will be at the mercy of random number generators (digital Dungeons and Dragons style die) for attacks and defense rolls to minimize godmodding and/or powerplaying.
    >Certain Events officially happen In <said> Time-line of <world/fandub> and so can be added to character's histories, instead of just their Storyline Information sections. Participating in these events, whether playing an original character or a canon character, can have consequences within this timeline we're creating together - characters can become famous, can make enemies and allies, and can, through storyline events, grow and develop as characters and let that development follow them through the overarching plot.

    Note, therefore, that choices have consequences in these games. Characters can die in these events if their HP goes less than 0 (in some circumstances), and therefore will not be allowed back into the chain after that event, and players who set stories in their character's 'future' may stipulate that a 'dead' character not participate because in their character's canon, that character is dead. This does not happen often.
Examples of Past Hardcore Events: none right now.
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