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New to the site? Wel come introduce yourself here.
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Saint Judas
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Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

Post by Saint Judas »

Hey there, I guess this is a thing? I normally don't do this type of site, but I want to work on developing my world building and having some incentive to stay up to date on creative processes instead of picking them up and dropping them off and on. So about me I suppose?

I'm a traditional artist, creative forum writer, and gamer. I enjoy fantasy mostly, mythical creatures and anthro creatures, though I do character art as well, and most of my writing is character focused with a strong dash of pokemon. I do mostly competitive games, like League, Dead by Daylight, TF2, and such, though occasionally I dip into other things. I love listening to music of many genres, and I'm usually known for being always tired, cranky, and lazy. :heart:
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Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

Post by SalyaDarken »

Hello there and welcome to Tainted Onez. I hope you enjoy your stay here. ^^
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