Syna [Original]

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Syna [Original]

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Name: Syna
Nickname(s): Sin, Princess, My lady
Birthday: June 6
Gender: Female
Age: 24?
Hair: Red -changes the length a lot-
Eyes: golden
Height: 5'6
Skin: pale
Birthplace: Can't remember but she tells others, Moonlit City
Status: Single and not looking
Likes: flowers, trees, looking up at the stars, not listening to others, wondering around, playing with others' head and talking with animals.
Dislikes: fighting, people whining, and yellings.
Seme/(dom) Uke/(sub): depends of her mood.
Story: Syna was born on nornal parents yet at a on age, she showed signs of magical powers. At first her parents didn't know what to do but her mother looking up their family line only to find links to witches, nekos, dragons and others. Once learning that, they just raised her the best that they can.
She went to a normal school until high school. Once she hit 16, she found a weird mark on her lower back of a black dragon blowing flames. She didn't want anyone to know, so she hid it from her parents and what friends that she had. The only one that knew was her computer AI, Lily but she knew that Lily wouldn't tell anyone.
Before she started high school, she begged her parents to send her to a pervite* which they did. They sent her to a magical school where she learned of her mark and what powers she had. She even found a weird talking book in her stuff at the dorms. It told her about clans and which one she was born into her. It even told her that she was the reborn leader of the Dragon's Flame.
Years later, Syna wondered around, just checking out magical places. She carried Lily around in a handheld that she builded.
Setting: Original
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