Forbidden Worlds

This is One of the other areas for members to RP in, but all of the 'planets' here are loosely based of fandubs that gives you room to play as a character from your favorite game/book/movie/etc .
Exp of a few popular: Final Fantasy, One Piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, DBZ, FNAF, Naruto, etx
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  • Zumia
    This is an Earth-like planet that orbits around a Jupiter-size planet. It is the home world of the ??? race.
    Tech: low || Magic: High. || Deity is unknown.
    There are 1 known kingdoms, 2 unknown kingdoms and lots of cities-towns, etc.
    -note: this is the board for LUNAR games-
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  • Veolea
    This is an Earth-like planet. This is the WORLD of Pokemon!
    Tech: Mid|| Magic: High. || Deity is unknown and Arceus
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    Last post Seneca's Pokefarm
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  • Mobius
    An Earth-like planet.
    Tech: High || Magic: High || Deities are hidden.
    -note: this is the board for Sonic the Hedgehog games-
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  • Yaz-II
    Earth like planet. This is our Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts RPs go.
    Tech: depends || Magic High || Deity is unknown.
    Note: all final fantasy summons are servant to the Deity.
    Subforums: Far Away Place, Chocobo Farm, Midgar, Twilight Town, Cosmo Canyon, Balamb Garden, Alexandria, Dalmasca Ruins, Destiny Islands, Lucis
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  • Earth
    This is our normal area for any RPs that need real-like setting, and for any anime/manga/etc that can't work on the other planets.
    Tech: ??? || Magic: ??? || Deity is unknown?
    -Tech and magic lvls depend on the RPs.-
    Subforum: Moon
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  • Juro
    This is an Earth-like planet that is the size of Jupiter with 3 moons.
    Tech: High || Magic: High. || Deities are twins Mydia and Myris
    This is our main mini-main RP place. Here is where the TOZ canons are mostly used for.
    Click to see the list of canons.
    Planet is WIP.
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