Hi! Hello There! Welcome to Tainted Onez.

We are a Fantasy-themed forum dedicated to celebrating everything. We are a semi-new and great community. What is Tainted Onez, you ask?
Why, it is the most powerful realm in the universe. It is the place where worlds are created, Heros are born, legends are told, and Myths lives forever. The Realm is a big place--come explore all it has to offer!

We strive to be a large, but very friendly and drama-free community, open to all types of people. Within our community,
you will find that our members come from all walks of life, are a wide range of ages, and all have many different interests.
Whether you have just discovered the beauty of Myths, fantasy or even the love for anime, games, mangas, books and more, this is the place for you.

This forum is more than just an outlet for your personal excitement, feelings, and thoughts; we hope you'll find something new to check out, meet
and interact with our welcoming members, and bond with others over shared interests, whether those are related to anime, game, or something entirely different.

Tainted Onez offers

  1. Unlimited ways to Role-play
  2. Collect things
  3. share artwork, graphics, stories and codes.
  4. Earn awards and Forum gold
  5. Monthly Prompts and yearly Events
  6. Join a Guild or all of them
  7. Get a say on new things.

Please note that we are still new and things are still Under construction, so bear with us. You can still join
and post things but please read the rules. Also Members who join just to join, will need to post once in a while or their account will be removed.

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