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Writing sites

Post by Tiffany »

SalyaDarken wrote: 09 Jul 2021, 01:06 oh okay. good thing I rarely post on there.
I think it's always a good reminder for people to back up their work also, like because someone doesn't need to have to break the rules for their work to be deleted on there, just someone needs to report it and (unless your reporting plagiarism then it seems FFN doesn't seem to care) it gets deleted. Like I just plain don't like FFN and will only visit there when I want to read something because there is Critics United, other purity groups, and trolls and I just don't like it. You know what I mean.
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Writing sites

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I got you. And I understand. Which is why I wanted to make a forum for writers to post their stories here without worrying about FFN rules. lol
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