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Some updates

Post by SalyaDarken »

Just wanted to let you all know that the RP rules thread was updated a bit.

Magic is mostly in tables, but need help with Green magic... since I'm sure that it's just a mixture of White and Black magic. Which I got all of the magic fantasy 10.. for now. I will look into FF12's magic... which is confusing and I have the book. So if anyone wishes to help me out with the magic, let me know by PMs.

Here are the types of magic that I want here:
> Black - mostly magical attacks
> White - Healing
> Time - mixed of the two, but mostly off...I don't know how to spell the right word..
> Aeons/Espers - Powerful monsters that linked to the gods. (hint: Shiva, ice goddess. Bahamut, King of Dragons)

Magic that I don't want:
> Green - I don't understand the use of it since it's just black and white magic.
> Alchemist made items - they are not magic... They are science. but they are allowed but only in the Alchemy thread.
> Magical Items - I do need those but those are not magic, but items with magical effects.

Also. I won't be the only one posting updates to the RP zone here. That is the job of the Role-play Director... which I'm looking for someone for that job. Also members who do Role-play, please start posting... please?
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