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~.: Traverse Academy :.~

Post by SalyaDarken »

She blinked a few times as she watched him leave then sighed, shooking her head. "boys..." She muttered as she went on. While her classes, she thought of just how she was going to help him or if she should just call Ifirt and let him give the boy some tips.

The evening, Leena sadly forgot until Ifirt made a comment. While she walked out to the feild with a bag of magical items she got from her dorm room. The items where mostly materia orbs that she found before coming to the shool. She sighed softly once she got to him. "I'm sorry for being late...."
Sora jumped up some before turning around. "Riku! Be nice to Roxas." He said with a cute pout. He wasn't sure why he pouted but oh well.
"I think he might be more like his father, Roxy" Axel said as he walked into the class room. He looked around the grinned at the small ones. "So what plan are you thinking up this time?"
Sora smiled softly but didn't say anything.
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~.: Traverse Academy :.~

Post by ciel »

"No problem," Cloud said, glancing up to meet her eyes before looking away awkwardly. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't nervous. At least, if he failed miserably, there would only be one witness... and she wouldn't go around telling everyone, right? He swallowed. No, he wasn't going to fail. He was a future SOLDIER, damn it.
"So, uh, what are we going to do?" His physical lessons usually began with stretches and a warm-up run, but something told him this might be different. ((sorry for the late reply, school starting threw me off!! ill try to be back on schedule now!))
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"Axel!" Roxas positively beamed as the tall redhead strode into the room. "We were just talking about you,"
"Roxas was telling us how he was going to end up in detention," Riku supplied.
Roxas stuck out his tongue, only half in jest. "You don't know that. I would've totally pulled it off. I will pull it off, and then you'll be left wishing you'd come along with me and had fun doing something cool for once," his eyes narrowed, and he and Riku exchanged a smirk. No one could say exactly how much of their picking on each other was done in fondness. It probably varied by the day. "Anyway, I was just talking about how I was gonna, um, sneak out past curfew to come hang out with you, and I told Sora he could get in on it too, if there was anyone he wanted to see. ...Wait, Sora, who's your dad again?"
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