Sanctuary [T]

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Sanctuary [T]

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Gohan x Rain

Mirai fretted slightly as she peered out the kitchen window of her house. Rain had come home, dropped her bookbag without a word, and went to her spot on the hill below the house. A few minutes later, the sky had opened up and began pouring rain. Rain usually used her as a sounding board when she was worried or upset. Ever since Rain had come to the planet when she was young, Mirai had been mother, sister, caretaker, and friend. And now she was stepping into the familiar role.

Finally making a decision, she turned to grab an umbrella and go to Rain. Her advancement toward the umbrella stand and the front door was halted by Vegeta. He stood in front of her with arms crossed. "Let me by." She said softly.

"No." Was his almost calm response. He stepped up to her, taking a strand of her long black hair in his fingers and kissing it.

"Vegeta, she needs me." She said softly. She was shorter than him, so she leaned up on tiptoe to meet him eye to eye.

He shook his head with a light glare. "Does she? Do you plan on fighting her battles for her all her life?" He sighed.

Mirai shook her head. "No. But I can't simply ignore that something is wrong. My heart and mind won't let me."

He sighed again. "Wasn't it you who said the girl wasn't weak?" He waited for her to agree she said it. "Then maybe you should see if she flies or falls." He picked her up, playfully grunting as if she were getting fat. "The only place you are going is to have a bath and some dinner with me."


Rain sat under her favorite tree in the middle of the hill below the house, her arms wrapped around herself. The rain poured, soaking her to the skin. She had gotten into a small argument with some girls at school about her on again off again boyfriend. Some of those words had cut through her like knives.

"I know that you're hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me..." She sang low and clear. She shivered slightly. She knew Mirai would be out to worry over her. Mirai was a good mother, always worrying and fussing. But she really didn't want to be around anyone at the time.

Suddenly she blinked as a jacket was laid over her head and shoulders. She looked up to see Gohan standing by her. "Go...han...?" She said very softly.

Gohan didn't answer her but sat beside her. He was dressed in his training clothes.

"Where have you been?" She demanded softly. She knew what he was doing. And why. But she had really missed him.

"Training." Was his reply after a few moments. He wrapped an arm around her. He waited for her to rail at him, or punch him. She packed a mean punch. He guessed it was something taught to her by either Mirai or his own mom. He blinked rather stupidly when she simply leaned into him. "You know that."

She pressed her face into his chest. "I know. But still..." She muttered into his chest. She clutched his shirt, taking comfort in his scent and presence.

"I'm sorry." Gohan said to her softly. "Everything I am doing right for you."

She pushed him away and stood up, glaring. "No. Don't do that." Her words and anger were a long time coming. "Cheat on me. Break my heart. But don't you EVER lie to me."

He stood up and hugged her, not flinching a bit when she began beating on his chest. The tears hurt more than the hits. "I am not lying, Rain. It may have started as a way to help Dad, but I realized that it wasn't for him."

He wiped her tears away, letting her calm down before he continued. "Everything I have done. Everything thing I am doing is for you. To protect you. And keep you safe." He leaned down and captured her lips for his own.

Rain fought against him for a moment, trying to push him away. Then slowly, she relaxed into the kiss and the embrace.

And, suddenly she understood.

When Rain had turned 14, and Mirai had tried to explain love and sex, she had been told that sanctuary was not a place. She had argued with Mirai for three days. She had even gone to the dictionary where it had been defined as 's small, safe port in a storm'. She had been triumphant at proving her wrong.

Mirai had only shaken her head with a knowing smile and told her she would understand one day.

Sanctuary was not a place. Sanctuary was a person. A person who would do anything to protect you from those things that would do you harm. Gohan was her sanctuary and she was his.

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