My Knight – Jason [T]

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My Knight – Jason [T]

Post by SalyaDarken »

My Knight – Jason

Word count: 417

[Y/n] flinched as she heard bullets get near her window. She hated what was going on but didn’t whine about it. She walked over to her window, hugging herself. Her [e/c] eyes looked out at the dark city. She felt something was off but turned it out.

She sighed and walked away from the window, only for it to open and she gets pulled down. She looked over and blinked a few times. “Batman….?”

Batman looked down at her and nodded. “Stay away from windows, [Y/n]. It’s not stay.” He told her before getting up and jumping out the window, closing it behind him.

[Y/n] sat up and pushed her [h/c] out of her face, sighing. “I’m not stupid, but whatever.” She stood up and walked over to her couch. She then slid down the back of the couch to the floor and hugged her knees. ‘If Jason was here, I wouldn’t feel like this...’ She thought to herself.

The night felt like it went on for hours yet it was only 2 hours since Batman showed up. She looked up from her knees and blinked. “W-who’s there?”

“So she finally notices me, after 30 minutes. Damn [Y/n].” The man said. He was in a suit with a helmet that hid his face.

She blinked at his voice then shook it off. “G-go away….please..” She said softly with some fear in her voice.

The man looked out the window then turned to her. “[Y/n]...” He walked over and knelt down. “Put this mask on you, that way you won’t see your fears over and over...” He said, handing out a gas mask to her.

[Y/n] glared her [e/c] eyes at him. “My fear… I face it daily. So I’m not scared of seeing it over and over again.”

The knight flinched since he knew what her fear was yet he couldn’t do anything as long as he felt the hatred for that -man-. “Look, here. Take it and wear it. Or I will put it on you.”

She blinked a few times, not understanding what she was hearing. “… Asshole.” She said, once it clicked. She reached out to slap him but he grabbed her hand.

He smirked under his mask. “So you realized it?” He asked before putting the mask over her face.


He stood up, pulling her up then into a hug. “[Y/n] stay safe.” He said before leaving her.

She felt tears but sighed as she slid down to the ground. “Jason….you jerk...”
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