Beloved and Precious [YA- Subject to Change]

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Beloved and Precious [YA- Subject to Change]

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(Author’s Note: Because I don’t like how the whole Anders-Justice thing was handled, I have decided to play with the storyline. As always, don’t like, don’t read.)


“It was hard, losing her down in the Deep Roads.” Anders stared a hole in the table, his usually self-assured voice soft and sad. He sat in Skyhold’s tavern, surrounded by the Inquisitor, most of the Inner Circle, and Mythandis. “She had done so much for me. Made me feel welcome when I became a Warden, convinced Claw to let me keep my cat when the Leaders at Weishaupt wanted him gone. She even summarily banished Justice back to the Fade, saying he would only cause trouble if he remained. And I lost her.”

Varric spoke up, patting his old friend on the back. “It wasn’t just you she helped, Blondie. She helped save all the Hawkes and Avaline outside Lothering. She cleaned Broodie’s lyrium lines and made them his own. And convinced a certain handsome dwarf to take a chance on a certain Hero of Ferelden/ Grey Warden.” He looked over at Fen Lavellen. “But that is not why I asked him to come to you, Inquisitor.”

Fen’s dark eyes peered down at the little dwarf from his seat across the large table. “Then why did you ask him to come to us?” It wasn’t that this one girl didn’t matter. He knew she did to the mage and Varric. His generous and kind nature told him he should help if he could. If Varric had asked Anders to come to them, there was more to the story.

“Because of who she is and who took her.” Varric replied. “Well who she is will only be semi important to Curly.” He said, glancing at Cullen. “But who took her will be important to you for who he works for, Dorian for what he is, and Myth for who he is.”

“Very well, Varric.” Said Cullen, speaking up for the first time since Fen called the meeting at Varric’s request. “Why is who she is important to me?”

It was Anders who answered him. “Because Liana is Liana Silvari, Hart Child of Rhiannon and little sister to…” he smiled sadly as Cullen cut him off.

“River…”Her name an ever present prayer on Cullen’s lips.

Fen shook his head with a small smile then turned his gaze on Varric and Anders once again. “And let me guess, he works for Corephyus?”

“You got it, Boss.” Varric.

Dorian tilted his head. “I agree that this man is probably a danger to the Inquisition, but why would I care what he is?”

“Because Sparkler, the man is a Tevinter Magister and member of the Venatori.” Somber eyes on Myth. “And before you ask, Rogue, the man is Sereaden Pallas.”

Dorian let out a familiar curse as Myth hissed. “Vishante Kaffas!” He said in a low voice. “It would bring me great pleasure to see the end of that one.”

Myth turned bright, angry eyes on Anders. “There’s more isn’t there, Mage?”

Cullen gave a groan, thumping his head on the table. “Oh no, there cannot possibly be more.”

Anders gave a half smile for a moment. Myth calling him Mage was not unlike Fenris, who had surprisingly become something of a friend during that year in Kirkwall. Then he sobered again. “Liana is what the Silvari call a Fade-walker. We typically call them Dreamers.” He let them digest this before he spoke again. “But her mother, the clan leader, believes she was taken for another reason altogether.”

Myth spoke up. “The Well Of Eternity.” He could barely hear anything over his thumping heart.

Dorian looked from Myth, who looked ill, to the very troubled Fen and back. “Very well, I’ll bite. What is the Well Of Eternity?”

“It is a myth among the Silvari and Silver Dalish, and I have heard the legend.” Said Fen softly. “Supposedly there is a door somewhere in the Fade, accessible only by the Gatekeeper or a Dreamer, that leads to a place known as the Misty Forest. Within the bounds of the forest is the Well Of Eternity. Which will grant the user immortality. But there are to provisions.”

Myth took up the legend. “The user must pass a series of trials that culminates with the Trial of the Guardian. Said to be a great beast, only the Gatekeeper can pass the Guardian without battling it. And even once you have been deemed worthy, you must give up that which is most important to you.”

Leliana was the first to voice the implications, her face ashen. “If Corephyus could use the well to make himself and his army immortal…It would mean the end of the world as we know it.”

Anders nodded. “Exactly. And THAT, my friends is why Varric suggested I come to you. Liana could open the door of that place… against her will…and there would be absolutely sh!t we could do about it.”

Fen frowned. “So what are you proposing?”

Varric jerked his head at Fen. “Go ahead, Blondie. Tell the Inquisitor.”

Anders shrugged. “It seems to me you’re already fighting Venatori. One of them should know where this man is. I know he is either in Ferelden or Orlais. We find him, remove Liana from him. Since it may take a while, I am volunteering to earn my keep by working in the Infirmary. I am a trained Spirit Healer. All I need to keep me out of trouble is a hot meal, a bed, and occasional permission to shoot lightning at fools.”

Fen gave a little laugh. “Alright, Anders. You’ve convinced me. And since Varric, and Cullen to a lesser degree, has vouched for you. I think we can focus some of our time and resources to help you.”

“But how did you even lose her?” This question from Josephine.

Anders tensed. He knew the question was coming. But it was still raw, and difficult to think about.

Varric cleared his throat. “I've got this, Blondie. I was there. “
“So tell me, My Lady Bright Eyes, why exactly are you down here in the bowels of Hell with the rest of us?” Varric asked, slowing down to catch up with the quiet girl who walked a few paces behind everyone else.

Bright blue eyes regarded him with a mixture of amusement and calm. “Well Varric, replied Liana, her voice low and musical. “I am a Grey Warden, so I’m kind of morally obliged to accompany you to the Deep Roads. Darkspawn and all that rot.”

Her gaze flashed ahead to where Anders' friendly argument with Fenris had fizzled out, as if he were listening for her answer. The Hawke siblings seemed oblivious to the conversation behind them as they conversed with Merrill, Avaline, and Isabella. “Besides, Anders tends to get into trouble if I let him go off without me.” She said with a little grin.

Anders, and Fenris with him, fell back to walk beside the young woman and the dwarf. “I resent that, Li. I don’t get into nearly as much trouble since you banished Justice.” He reached out and absentmindedly took her hand as he had many times since they had known each other.

“Mage,” grumbled Fenris. “The Templars in Hightown?” he reminded.

Anders laughed. “That wasn’t trouble exactly. Just a couple over eager new Templars trying to do their job.

Liana shook her head. “Just be glad their Knight-Captain knew my sister and you. That could have gotten ugly fast. Though I suspect he stops them from hassling you more for her sake. I am just glad Fenris had the foresight to come to the house and get me.”

Fenris reddened slightly at the praise. “Yes, well…you and the Mage are the least annoying of the mages I know.”

Liana gave a little smile. “And besides, Varric. I couldn’t very well let my favorite dwarf wander off on an adventure without me. It’s so hard to find Surfacer dwarves that don’t either annoy me to the point I want to shoot fireballs at them or hear my last name and think dollar signs by way of ransom. But you’re good people.”

Varric gave a little bow. “Why thank you, Bright Eyes. I do aim to please.” He started to say something else when he saw her glance behind them. Then it hit him. She’d been at the back of the group for a reason! “Liana? What is it?”

“Darkspawn?” breathed Fenris.

“No. Not Darkspawn.” She answered finally. “Darkspawn feel dead. Dead, dark, and done. But we’re being followed by at least a small group.”

This caught Hawke's attention and he fell back to them. “Maybe some of Batrand's people.” He remarked in a deep baritone.

“No Hawke. These men have been following us since we entered the Deep Roads. I think they’re human.” Replied Liana. She tilted her head. “Someone should stand guard when we make camp for the night.”

Several explosions followed by a loud rumble rocked the stone around them. The tunnel ahead collapsed and ice swept through the air, aimed at the group.

Liana reacted without thinking and threw up a magical barrier around her friends. She was not surprised when she felt the familiar zap of electricity in the air as Anders did the same.

“Well done.” Said a low, cold voice with a slight Tevinter accent from behind them. “Although to be expected from someone raised and trained by the Silvari.”
A tan-skinned man with the coldest eyes she had ever seen entered the light of their torches. He was well-dressed in impeccably tailored mage robes. “And the fact you knew we’d been trailing you for days. Impressive.” He gave a little bow. “Where are my manners? Sereaden Pallas of Minrathous. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Liana Silvari.”

“Tevinter.” Spat Fenris like a curse word.

Magister Pallas walked over and backhanded Fenris. “Slaves do not address their betters. Danarius got sloppy with you, Lyrium Ghost. I will not be as kind. Address me again, and I will end you.”

Fenris snarled and started to reach for his sword. He glanced at Liana to see how far her barrier extended, and her look froze him in place. That look was familiar. There was dangerous magic outside the magical barrier. The only thing keeping them alive was their barriers. It had been the same way at the Bone Pit with the High Dragon a month ago.

“Now Miss Silvari,” Magister Pallas said, getting back to the task at hand. “Not only are there dangerous wards inscribed on the ground around your little friends, but there are several archers with bows poised at their hearts. You can negate some of the magic. But what will protect them from the arrows?”

“What do you want?” she said in a low, clear tone. Somehow she knew what his answer would be.

“In short, you. You come with me, and your little friends walk free. Refuse, they die, and I take you anyway. This way, I am giving you a chance to save them.”

She sighed and looked at her friends. Their expressions ranged from concern to fear. Anders' face bore a look of absolute fear and heartbreak. “And you swear on pain of death they'll not be harmed?”

Magister Pallas nodded. “I swear on pain of death and destruction of all House Pallas that your friends won’t be harmed.”

Liana shifted her barrier so they were unable to move from the places they stood. “Very well, Sereaden Pallas, I am yours.” She turned to Anders. “I'm sorry.” There was a swirl of mist, and she was gone.

Anders raced forward as soon as he felt her barrier drop. “Liana!!!!” He stared around, then realized she was really and truly gone. He sank to his knees.

Varric strode forward and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Come on Blondie. We'll get you to the nearest entrance and you can go after them.”

“I’ll go with you.” Fenris' voice was soft.
“And that’s how we lost her. A Magister asshole threatened our lives. Liana, good people that she is, went with him to save us.” Varric shook his head as if coming out of a dream.

“I promised Claw I would protect her. And I failed.”

Fen shook his head. “Seems to me all the more reason to end this man.”

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Re: Beloved and Precious [YA- Subject to Change]

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Days turned to a matter of a few weeks for Anders before he realized it. He was kept pretty busy by Inquisitor Lavellen's constant visits to the Infirmary between missions. The elf was quite the accident magnet, not unlike Fenris. Even more to Anders' surprise was his friendship with Dorian.

The Necromancer from Tevinter was flamboyant, sarcastic, and unlike anyone he had ever known. And Anders had come to call him one of his closest friends at Skyhold. When Dorian wasn’t with Myth or out on the road with the Inquisitor, he often came by the Infirmary. He had come to enjoy the conversations he had with the other man. Their topics ranged from Anders' time as a Warden to arcane magic they found interesting.

One rainy day, the topic had turned to the mage rebellion.

“Let me get this straight, Anders, you’ve pretty much missed the entirety of the mage rebellion and you don’t particularly care?”

Anders nodded from his seat in the back room of the Infirmary, where he’d made his home almost as soon as he arrived at Skyhold. “Freedom was Important to me before I met Liana. I made seven escape attempts before Claw took pity on me and made me a Warden. He made Liana my partner and we had almost unlimited freedom. I didn’t stay to help him defeat the Architect and Mother because I had to. I had the choice to stay and I did.” He paused, collecting his thoughts.

“Everyone always asks the same question. Do I know when she became more than just my partner. No, I don’t. I simply woke up one day with the knowledge that I simply couldn’t see my life without her.” His voice became quiet and sad. “She volunteered to go to Kirkwall to help my friend she didn’t know. She stayed because Hawke and the others became our friends. I lost her because she was afraid something would happen. I was supposed to protect her and I failed.”

“Where were you when you heard about the rebellion in Kirkwall?”

“In Tantervale. There had been a rumor of a girl matching Liana’s description In the company of a Magister. Varric sent me a letter about how the Mages and Templars were fighting In the streets, and Grand Cleric Elthina was struck down . For me, the rebellion was a foot note in my search for Liana.”

Dorian was about to ask more of the subject when the clearing of a throat caught their attention and Interrupted them.

A young man Anders knew well stood at the door of the Infirmary's back door. He was Fang, one of Liana's brothers. He rarely left the Silvari lands, owing to being extremely uncomfortable around people in general. Rhiannon occasionally used him to deliver messages if it was extremely important.

“Fang?” Anders slipped subconsciously into the Silvari language. It was a gift from Liana. She had taught him the language as a way to pass the time. First at the Keep and on the road with Claw, then in Kirkwall. “What brings you Away, Brother?”

Fang seemed relieved to see Anders. “Delivering a message. Do you know where I can find Mythandis?”

Anders shrugged. “Yes and no, Brother. He currently lives here, but is out on the road. A mission for the Inquisitor.” He then gestured to Dorian, who was watching with a mixture of surprise and interest. “However the Quickling here is his Soul Mate. You can leave the scroll message with him and he will be sure he gets it.”

Dorian blinked when the stranger handed him a small scroll and walked out without a word. “Very well, what was that about? And what was that language you used?”

Anders smiled lightly. “That was Fang. He was delivering a message to Myth. Since he isn’t here, I told him you were Myth's partner so he could leave the message with you. That you would give it to him.” He shrugged again. “The language is Sylf, the language of the Silvari.”

Dorian blinked. “She also taught you her language?”

Anders nodded. “There were times when we were stuck inside because of weather, or on the road between the Keep and some other town with Claw, and I would get a little…stir crazy. Her cure for that was to teach me Sylf. Oddly I took to it like a duck to water.”

Dorian shook his head. “Your Liana seems a character from a fairy story.”

“Nowhere near.” Was the amused reply. “Li, she wasn’t one to suffer a fool gladly. And if she thought you needed to hear it, she would tell the truth, no matter how much it might hurt.” Anders shook his head. “She hated large crowds. But every time Hawke drug me to the Hanged Man, she would come.”

“Isabella slips an ace into her boot, calls for another drink. Liana laughs, bright eyes twinkling as she calls Varric out on his latest story. Her eyes meet mine…and I forget how to breathe.” Cole said softly from the doorway. “You’re quieter than the others, the Hurt is a whisper in a forest.”

Anders turned to regard him. “Is there something I can do for you, Cole?” He asked in a calm voice.

“The Inquisitor is in the War Room. He wants to talk to you about the Ghost of Skyhold.”

Dorian opened his mouth, seemingly to ask about the ghost. Then he shook his head and smiled. He had the forbearance to know that this was none of his business. “I believe there’s a bottle of something down in the tavern that has my name on it. Cole, why don’t you grab Varric and come join me?” With those words, he sauntered out of the Infirmary.

Anders walked the path to the War Room slowly, almost hesitantly. He had only been in the War Room once, when Inquisitor Lavellen had deemed himself too busy to come to the Infirmary. So he had found himself healing a nasty shoulder wound on his fellow mage while the man who carried the fate of millions worried over the people. Luckily for him, the advisors seemed to take the strange occurrence of Lavellen being healed at the War Table in stride.

He dawdled at the large wood doors for a number of minutes before he knocked quickly then entered. The Inquisitor and advisors seemed to be locked in some kind of discussion. He waited to be acknowledged. “Inquisitor, Cole said you wanted me? Something about a ghost?”

Fen nodded. “The patrols on the battlements have reported some strange occurrences to Cullen. But before we get to that, and I explain why I asked for you, I have a question. What does Liana look like?”

Anders blinked stupidly for a moment, then smiled softly. “She is beautiful. Not conventionally. She has pale skin that seems kissed by the very moon. She has always worn her inky black hair long. Her eyes are the deep color of the ocean before a squall. And as long as I have known her, she has worn green mage robes, the color of things alive she always said.”

It was Cullen who spoke up. “I don’t know if she is dead, or if it is a Dreamer Talent, but my soldiers on the walls have been seeing a ghost that matches your description.”

Anders shook his head. “If She were dead, I would feel it. If it’s what I think it is…Cullen, What exactly have your soldiers been seeing?”

“They say they have been seeing a shimmering figure on the battlements that resembles the girl you just described. She whispers two words they don’t understand, then simply vanishes.”

“And the words?”

“Maker’s Breath, I am going to butcher this.” Cullen grumbled. “Grammari Edlan, I think.”

Anders’ face suddenly brightened with joy. “That’s exactly right. It’s a place. Not one I have ever been to, but it’s on the map. Liana just told us where she is being held.”

“How does that tell us where she is?” Leliana. “Grammari Edlan is not a name that I have ever heard of.”

“Because you know it by its other name. Grammari Edlan is Sylf.” Anders retrieved the silver knife he kept on his person and stabbed it into the map on the War Table.

Inquisitor Lavellen leaned over to inspect the name the knife now cut through. “The Emerald Graves…” .

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