Our Story [YA]

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Our Story [YA]

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-Author’s Note: Another DBH story started because of the highly addictive game. And again, I can and will liberally play with the plot. I don’t own. Don’t like? Don’t read.-


Connor wasn’t sure at first what had woken him from his rest cycle. Soulful brown eyes glanced around the darkness before he remembered where he was. The familiar pale blue walls of the master bedroom in his house bathed him with a bit of comfort as they always did when his sleep was interrupted. Then the noise came again, a familiar sound to his audio processors.

“Daddy!” The voice belonged to 13 year old Rain, the oldest of his and Via’s twin daughters. She was calling to him from her room down the hall.

As he rose from his bed, a note from Via caught his attention. In neat Cyber Sans script on her favorite sky blue paper, the note read: Connor, called into work today. The girls are sick with the flu. Hank will be by later today. See you tonight. All my love. – Via. He smiled softly then replaced the note on the table before leaving the room and heading for Rain’s room.

Two pairs of dark eyes peered at him from Rain’s large four poster bed. Almost from the time they were mobile, River was constantly sneaking into the older twin’s bed. Whether for comfort during storms, or because she couldn’t sleep. Connor registered no surprise to see them together, as he was used to it.

He walked over and placed a hand on first Rain then River’s forehead. His analysis program informed him that the girls were running temperatures of 102.1 and 102.2 respectively. “Your Mom left a note saying you were sick.” Brown eyes scanned them each in turn. And not for the first time since their birth, it struck him how like he and Via the girls were. Which gave credence to nurture over nature since the twins were born by surrogacy.

Rain Hope Anderson was the oldest by seven minutes. She was small, with golden skin and ebony eyes. She was the one more like him. She was calm, assertive, and more likely to take charge. She loved animals and music. She was also stubborn to a fault and protective of her loved ones.

This was almost a mirror of the personality Connor had developed as he became a person. Both before and after his deviancy.

River Hart Anderson was the younger. She kept her black hair shorter and had a blue tint not unlike her mother’s. She was quieter, a little more introspective. She was the thinker. Her great love was books and knowledge. She was more like her mother.

Via had been deviant from the beginning. And she had always been a little quieter. She didn’t like the publicness of events, preferring the quieter and more intimate settings.

It was River who spoke up. “Daddy, we can’t sleep even though Mom said we needed to rest.” Her voice was soft.

Connor smiled softly. “Well I can put in a movie and keep you company until you fall asleep.” It was something he had learned from Hank when the girls had been smaller.

A memory crept up from when the girls were about 2 years old. Even if androids didn’t have perfect recall, it was not something he would easily forget as it was one of his favorite memories. Markus had asked Connor, who besides being a lieutenant in the police force also ran security for New Jericho, to accompany him to D.C for a meeting with the President. Connor had been hesitant, not wanting to leave the Twins or Via. Hank had pushed them both out the door and told them to use it for the honeymoon they had never taken when they Bonded.

Halfway through the trip, the girls had brought chicken pox in from the preschool they attended 3 days a week to ensure that they were adequately socialized with children their age. Both Connor and Via had been all too ready to cut the business trip/honeymoon short and rush home to their sick children.

Hank, on the other hand, had other ideas. “If you come back early, I will throw you both in jail for 72 hours on SOMETHING. Grandpa can handle the chicken pox.”

When they had entered the house that Sunday after they had returned, they had found Hank snoring in his beat up old recliner, the girls curled up on his lap. The only other sounds had been Sumo’s successor, a gentle giant called Boo, thumping his tail against the hard wood floor and the menu of an old children’s show playing in loop on the t.v screen.

Rain’s voice brought him 11 years back to the present. “No Daddy. We want a story.” The request carried no room for argument and for a moment brought to mind Hank. The older man had become grandpa to the girls almost from the day they were born.

“Tell us Our Story.” Requested River in her soft voice.

Connor’s head tilted. Their story.

The story that started not with the Revolution that had allowed their parents their right to live. Rather it started the night he saved Via, and, in doing so, saved himself. The night he saw Markus’ Revolution from viewpoints other than his own.

First he saw it from Markus’ eyes. Watched the man as he chose his own destiny.

Then as he held Via’s hand as Hank raced through the snowy night to Circe’s house, he had seen it from her point of view. And realized that she had chosen his, Connor’s, destiny for him.

When he focused back on the dark eyes of his children, he nodded. Though they had heard it in many variations from the time they were five years old, he would tell it to them as may times as they wished. It was as much their story as it was his or Via’s. He cleared his throat.

“This is a story, not a fairy story or tale of fantastic places far away, but of heroes in many guises. This is the story of a sarcastic, foul mouth police detective you know as Grandpa. This is the story of the woman who was determined to see the good in all beings, Human or Android….”

“Auntie Circe.” Rain interrupted with a little smile.

He nodded. “Your Mom’s human sister, Circe. The story of Deviant Hunter who had to become Deviant in order to find his place in the world, me. This is the story of the quiet and gentle woman who chose Daddy’s destiny for him. You call her…” He trailed off as River interrupted him.

“Your Mom, yes. And this is the story of two little girls, born of their Mother’s heart but not of her body. Two little girls who live in the world made by these heroes and carry their hope for future. You.” He paused and smiled softly down at them.

“This is my…your…Our Story.” He relaxed into the armchair, looking for all the world like a human father telling his daughters their favorite story. “Do we remember how it starts?” When they nodded, he spoke again. “Connor would never like the cold…”

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