Salya Darken [Original]

Here is where SalyaDarken will post all of her characters. No one but her is allowed to post but members are allowed to reply to any threads that she makes.
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Salya Darken [Original]

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Name: Salya Darken
Nickname(s): Sal, Princess, Dark One, More
Birthday: June 6th
Gender: Female
Race: Witch (my race)
Age: Appears 24. True age, unknown
Hair: black hair that goes to her lower back. long bang on the right side of her face as short bangs on the left side.
Eyes: Right eye is dark Red, Left is Midnight Blue
Height: 5'8
Skin: Pale
Birthplace: Unknown... A small town is all she remembers.
Status: Single (for this forum ONLY and she will only be paired with anyone that I like.)
Likes: animals, soft things, drawing, sleeping in late, the moon, playing RPGS and trying to cooking.
Dislikes: fighting, being waken up, being annoyed, humans and the sun god
Marks: None
Jewelry: golden bracelet, red crystal(that's linked to the goddess inside her soul) and Fox stone pendent necklace(can't draw) (and more)
Fears: being truly alone
Seme/(dom) Uke/(sub): depends

Story: Salya doesn't remember her past up until she came to the island of Crescent Moon Island. There she found a young shifter who she named Snow for his pure white fur and since then the shifter as been her pet. Her AI, Rose who she build back when she was 3-4ish helped the young witch build a manor like house of 2 stories. She lived near a small city fulled with different races and where she got a job, working at the pet shop.

Element: Darkness.
Known magic: unknown. Favors water and fire spells.
Skill set: Tech and Design.
Pets: Snow, Doll, Pika, Rin, Ayne(all mine), Anyone else wanna be her pet?

The island details: Click me! Might copy it here if anyone likes this area.
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