Kima [Suikoden 5]

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Kima [Suikoden 5]

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Name: Kima
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Long black hair. Normally her hair is down or in two braids.
Eyes: Dual eyes colors. Right is blue and the left is green.
Height: 5'6
Skin: Pale
Birthplace: Sun Kingdom??
Status: Single?
Likes: Frey, birds, kitties, playing with Roy's hair and playing around.
Dislikes: fighting, being not allowed to hug on the prince, and being yelled at.
Seme/(dom) Uke/(sub): Uke
Story: Kima was born somewhere up north, but something happened and her parents sent her to her aunt's south. At a young age, she didn't really ask questions about anything. She was always wanting to play. She would wonder close to the palace and one day, she meet the prince and Lyon. But being shy, she ran away without saying anything to them.
Over a few years, she befriended Kyle oddly then slowly Frey and Lyon. Other then hanging around them and she was showed how to fight, even if she didn't like to fight. She, without wanting to, trained how to use two rings.
After the attack on the kingdom, her uncle sent her away to Sable to his friend. Sadly she didn't really stay long in town. She went out to the Ranro Mountain area and trained a bit. She meet Roy and his group but didn't really care since she missed the prince.
After training and getting better with her weapons (with Roy's help oddly), she left, wondering around. She wonder around a bit before Georg found her and she followed him about until they joined up with the prince. (blah... I need to replay the game.)
Game/show: Suikoden 5
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