Forgetten Worlds

This is our sandbox Role-play area. each world is a random setting for you all to enjoy.
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    talk out of cherecter here with others you are role-playing with, or start looking for a new RP.
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  • Tera
    This is an Earth-like planet that is the size of Jupiter. Humans are the rare here.
    Tech: High || Magic: High. || Planet Goddess is unknown.
    There are 2 kingdoms, and lots of cities-towns, etc.
    Subforums: Kingdom of Ockla, Kingdom of Ispia
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  • Lophus
    This is an small water planet with small islands for land. Main race here are mermaids.
    Tech: low || Magic: mild. || Planet God is unknown.
    There are 3 kingdoms with 4 small cities and two trading cities. (two underwater kingdoms)
    Subforum: Ankla
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  • Gaia
    Earth-like planet. The home of Earth's Mythical races.
    Tech: mild || Magic: High || no planet god nor goddess.
    One kingdom, 24 cities, 4 trading cities, 20 towns, ?? villages, 10 ruins and 15ish shines.
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  • Megiria
    This is an small Earth-like planet.
    Tech: low || Magic: mild. || Planet Goddess is called Mihena
    This is our animal rp area.
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  • Earth
    This is our normal area for any RPs that need real-like setting.
    Tech: mild || Magic: low. || no gods nor goddesses here...?
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  • Yaz-II
    Earth like planet. This is our Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts RPs go.
    Tech: depends || Magic High || Deity is unknown.
    Note: all final fantasy summons are servant to the Deity.
    Subforums: Far Away Place, Chocobo Farm, Midgar, Twilight Town, Cosmo Canyon, Balamb Garden, Alexandria, Dalmasca Ruins, Destiny Islands, Lucis
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