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by ciel
18 Mar 2020, 18:48
Forum: It's your stories
Topic: new oc, new icon!
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new oc, new icon!

i already got tired of the old icon i made (which is good bc maybe ill make a better one later!) but in the meantime i finally drew my new inuyasha oc and thought he deserved to be my new icon ^-^ (im keeping my roxas signature though of course!) hes also available for rp if anyone is interested! ma...
by ciel
16 Mar 2020, 01:08
Forum: Application Templates
Topic: Wicked Hearts App
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Wicked Hearts App

this looks really nice! what is it for?
by ciel
16 Mar 2020, 01:04
Forum: Event Zone
Topic: Phrase Writing Event
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Phrase Writing Event

i started writing something for it but im not much of a writer on my own >.<
by ciel
11 Mar 2020, 20:27
Forum: OOC area
Topic: †Dark wants to play†
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†Dark wants to play†

:o i'd be interested in tiger x shifter, i love tigers! did you have anything else in mind for that?
by ciel
09 Mar 2020, 21:33
Forum: OOC area
Topic: :x: ciel's starter library :x: [open]
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:x: ciel's starter library :x: [open]

☆☆ my rp rules~! - i usually do paragraph but i can do script! no minimum word counts, no pressure to match each other's lengths but sometimes i do like to do a paragraph or two if that's ok! - while i'm not totally against romance-driven rps i prefer to have romances with characters that actually ...

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