Tainted Onez


Tainted wingz would like to welcome to the return of its forums, Tainted Onez

Tainted Onez is a forum aka message borad that is set up for writers, artists, and others to show off their skills and to help others with thier skills.

Overall age rating: Teen with some M settings
Overall theme: Fantasy/Mythical

What we offer

>Friendly staff
>Freedom to role-play all you like.
>Share your fanfictions and original works with others.
>Collect items. Such as 50x50 stamps, sprites from games and others.
>Share your Artwork and Graphics.
>sell your skills for forum Gold.
>unlimited Affiliate spots in Static and Scrolling.
And more to come. ♥

Staff members

Admin/Head Goddess: SalyaDarken
Head Writing Mod: TwilightSong.
Note: we are looking for staff!. We welcome anyone to apply!
Enter Tainted Onez